Me - At Last!

Women On Purpose. Exploration begins in that moment when a woman says, “It’s My Turn.”

We weren’t born yesterday, but don’t think that means we’ve mellowed. We haven’t.

We are simply considering a new question:  What do I do with the power of this phase and age?


Have  you reached that certain age? The powerful age? When the question lurks on the fringes, awakens you in the middle of the night, captures us as you plug along in traffic. Why am I here and what do I want to do with this very powerful part of my life?

My older years, my over 40 years, and for some of us, including me, my golden, senior, elder, crone, call-it-what-you-will years.

These are Powerful years. Yes, I use that word purposefully: Powerful. For women over forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty and even ninety, there is power in our lives. We’re making conscious choices about what we want in our lives and what we no longer accept.

We find our core, our center, our heart, and that ‘place’ begins to rule our choices.

We are Women On Purpose.

We’ve passed a marker in our lives from when society could tell us to jump and we jumped. To wear high heels and we did. To wear black in the winter and white in the summer, and we did. We’ve become ourselves whether we’ve noticed or not. We’ve thrown off the shackles that held us to standards we did not create.

So, we gather here to exchange ideas on life during the power years, on creating our lives the way we want our lives to be.

I’ve built this ‘house’ on the web as a place for us to come together and do what we do: share our ideas, explore new ideas, create our lives, day by day, idea by idea, step by step.



Judith Harlan

Woman On Purpose

Jude (Judith) HarlanI’ve come to this place from a journey of my own. It started with a few random words from my sister about ‘creating my life’ after I went hysterical from a note on a medical form: ‘advanced age’. I started to shudder inside (while smiling outside) at ‘over the hill’ birthday cards (no one wants to look like they have no sense of humor, right?). I was wandering without purpose.

But then I found a fork in the road that our culture paves for us, that road of reduced expectations and quiet ebbing of activity. The path I discovered promised a different future, one of building and learning and growing, one fueled by yoga philosophy and long afternoon conversations with friends and with that awesome sister of mine. One of Purpose. Living On Purpose, I called it.

This road reveals endless possibilities, as different for each of us as we are different from each other. And yet there is that thread of similarity: we all travel this path.And it is a journey of Power if we allow it to be. It’s a time to become a Woman On Purpose.

With high expectations, your host,

Judith (Jude) Harlan
Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 200), Editor, Founder of Me-At Last!

Jean Sheldon

Woman On Purpose

Jean SheldonAs I began my 6th decade, I realized that, although life offers challenges, it isn’t nearly as unforgiving as I found it in my teens. I’ve spent the years like most people, overcoming struggles, living, learning, crying, and laughing. These days, I laugh quite a bit.

I have created art, music, poetry, an occasional relationship, and as much kindness as I could muster, because I’ve been given so much. Despite my sparse social life, I love people. I love our resilience, our promise, our innate kindness, and the fact that no matter how many times we get it wrong, we keep trying to get it right. We hold on and survive. There is a lot to be said for surviving, especially if you happen to run into your passion along the way.

I am a storyteller with many stories to tell.

Bringing you poetry, activism and encouragement to Take Action!

Jean Sheldon
Poet, Author, Activist, Artist, Book Designer, Graphics Artist

Tara McDaniel

Woman On Purpose

Tara McDanielI am, at this stage in life, as excited about life’s possibilities as I have ever been. I decided at age 53 to become a practitioner of NIASZIIH healing. You might say that this was my “Me-At Last!” moment. NIASZIIH healing is a hands-on energy healing system, a Lipon Apache tradition, that uses the client’s energy to help the body heal itself.

As I enter my second year of training in this art and skill, I’m tapping more deeply into my own psychic capacities than ever before. And it is fascinating! I’ll share my journey and learnings with you!

I leave you with this thought: if I can jump into this entirely new work at this point in my life, what about you? Ready to give yourself the time and energy to go for it?

Tara McDaniel
Healer, Artist, Poet.

Theresa Rose

Woman On Purpose

Theresa RosePeople tell me I’m a graphic artist, photographer, fine artist, jewelry designer and Web artist,at least that’s what Judith Harlan says, and we’ve been working on magazine and Web design projects together for years.

I’ve been creating various forms of art in different media my entire life, and I’ve never tired of it. I have found that I move from one media to the next when I see a new form that excites me. I never know when this will happen, but I move with that flow, allowing it to direct me like some internal guidance system. Who knows what is coming next? I look forward to finding out and to sharing it when I do.

Theresa Rose,