Our Contributors

Our thanks goes out to these wise women who contribute their thoughts and time to supporting us — We women who are taking our turn! Finding purpose and Pursuing the life we used to just dream about. Have a story you want to add to the discussion? Contact us here. 

Ronna Ashland-Berkowitz

Ronna Ashland-Berkowitz is a certified Angels Communications Master and is currently pursuing certification for Angelic Life Coach. She pursues other interests as well, including quilting. She has lived in Hillsboro, Oregon for almost 7 years since she and her husband bought what she calls “her dream house” (no second level)!  Her biggest fans call her Grandma (Corey 25, Kaylee 21, Damion 18, Alexander 13 and great granddaughter Raeleigh 4). 

Peggy Geddes

Book reviewer Peggy Geddes is an avid reader of all genres, a go-to source for friends in search of new books to read. She’s also a recently retired bookkeeper, currently part-time bookkeeper for Lucky Bat Books, a grandmother, a Burning Man camper and gardener. Mostly, she is a woman finding time now to take her turn and try new adventures.

Sarah Katreen Hoggatt

Sarah Katreen Hoggatt has authored several books including the recently released, Finding Love’s Way. A freelance writer, spiritual director, book designer, and international speaker with a passion for ministering to fellow souls, she holds a Master’s degree from Portland Seminary. Sarah lives in Salem, Oregon. Find out more about her books and about her on her website: SarahKatreenHoggat.com

Tara McDaniel

Tara McDaniel, poet, healer, artist and teacher, is a student of NIASZIIH healing, practicing in Portland (at Shanti Om Massage & Ayurveda Services, Portland, Oregon). Learn more here. She shares her journey, through poetry and art on her blog, Taradise Writing and Art. Look for more from her here at Me-At Last! 

Kit Prendergast

Kit Prendergast is the founder and owner of (2003), a well-established and respected professional leadership coaching and corporate training company based in the Northern Nevada area. Kit brings you a wealth of experience and expertise as well as a wonderful spirit, tremendous energy, and a gift for inspiring you to create the professional and personal life you want at this time in your life. Learn more here, and find her on LinkedIn, too. Her articles reprinted from Career Connections of Sierra Nevada, courtesy of Kit Prendergast. Thank you, Kit!

Jessica Santina
Jessica Santina is a freelance writer, editor, college writing instructor and mother of a 7-year-old girl who lives in the Reno, Nevada area. She is a frequent contributor to numerous publications, including edible Reno-Tahoe magazine, the Reno News & Review, and the Reno Moms Blog. Read more about her at www.JessicaSantina.com.

Jean Sheldon

Jean Sheldon, activist, poet, writer, and a Woman On Purpose, is author of mysteries, many articles, and, most recently, a book of poetry (Persistent: Poems by Jean Sheldon). See more by her and about her on her website: http://www.jeansheldon.com. Follow her on Twitter: @penultimatepen 

Jacci Turner, a licensed marriage and family therapist, is the Director of Bereavement and Spiritual Care for a small community hospice. She is also the author of ten published books for young adult and middle grade children. Her latest book, The Retreat: A Tale of Spiritual Awakening, is available for pre-order from Harper Legend. Jacci enjoys training and supervising spiritual directors and writing blogs about spiritual formation. You can find out more about Jacci at her website: http://www.jacciturner.com/

Jude (Judith) HarlanJude Harlan, founder of Me-At Last, Women On Purpose, is a publisher, editor and journalist.  She pursues her passion here at Me-AtLast.com, empowering women in our search for inner strength, purpose and the power to be ourselves – to take our turn at the helm of our lives. Find out more about her on our About page.