Surrounded by the Myths of Aging

A youth-focused culture says we’re irrelevant, a burden, and in the way.

The facts say otherwise. Know the facts. Know your power. Get busy!

When We Create Our Own Ageism

I went to lift my bike down from its hook the other day and I heard myself tell myself, "Oh, I must get some help with that." I've been lifting my bikes up and down from hooks my entire life, so I wondered where this new thought came from. I wasn't really concerned,...

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Roommates? At My Age? Indeed!

And Why Not? It’s a trend, says a recent NBC News story. Call it Golden Girls or call it thrifty living. Millennials are not the only ones saving money by sharing expenses with roomies.  Women (and men) over 50 are doing it too. We’re creating blended homes for...

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Hey Big Spender – Yes, You!

Turns Out that Consumers Over Age 50 are Good Customers. We are one of the engines of growth in the global economy, according to a McKinsey Global Institute report that was picked up, dissected and interpreted by The Economist. That report said that older adults are...

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