via Eating it All Part Three: The Whole Burrito

Every Tuesday evening Kris (my partner) and I drive across the river to Shanti Om Yoga in St Johns and take class with our good friend Bhakti. We both used to live in the neighborhood, and even though we have moved, we need our yoga! There is also a wonderful little taqueria in St Johns, and we have been enjoying getting burritos to take home after yoga.

I haven’t eaten burritos for a long time, because of the flour tortilla, so this has been an exciting experience these past few weeks. My first burrito was like finding a beloved toy that had been lost for months. I thought, “I know what this is. I’ve had them before”. But as I bit into the warm tortilla and found myself savoring spices and chicken and rice and beans all cooked to perfection, I realized this was a completely new experience! And I loved it!

The first couple of Tuesdays I would stop myself before I finished my burrito because I had always been told that it was more food than I “should” eat. I knew the drill. I should only eat half of the burrito …

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Tara McDaniel

Tara McDaniel

Tara McDaniel, poet, healer, artist and teacher, is a student of NIASZIIH healing, practicing in Portland (at Shanti Om Massage & Ayurveda Services, Portland, Oregon). Learn more here. She shares her journey, through poetry and art on her blog, Taradise Writing and Art. Meet her on her Facebook page and learn more about her healing. Find her art at Taradise Cards on Etsy!