Guest Blogger Info Sheet

Guest Blogger Info Sheet


Thanks so much for wanting to guest blog for ME-AT LAST! WOMEN ON PURPOSE.

Together, we can make a difference for women ready to take their turn – at last.  I would love to help springboard your blog and help send  some traffic your way and I appreciate your commitment to getting your story out via our website.

We are currently accepting topics related to our mission: Helping women in maturity when they say, “My Turn!”.

We specifically need:

  • Helpful how-to articles on mindfulness, meditation, yoga and methods to exploring your personal center (Answering ‘who am I’.)
  • Tips to finding your inner strength and purpose.
  • Helpful how-to articles on finding purpose in life. Exploring what you want to do when you take your turn in life.
  • 5 things to begin doing now to move you toward finding your personal goal.
  • Personal stories of women (you?) who reached a mature age and did something new, adventurous and exciting for themselves. (Examples: a 62-year-old woman who trained to become a train driver; a woman who bought an RV and travelled on her own; a woman who started a new business, wrote her first novel, went to college, took up ocean kayak racing. The key: she did something different for her, something that was her dream, her own.)
  • Tips to taking action on your dreams – take them from dream to reality.
  • 5 things to begin doing now to move you toward taking action once you know what you want to do.
  • Recommendations in the form of reviews of books that speak to any of the above.

Article Requirements

  • Headline that is captivating and appealing to our readers. (See site for our style.)
  • Be sure to use headers and subheads
  • Content works best if between 600-1000 words
  • Material must be original (Do not plagiarize.), and submitted to Me-At Last! exclusively. After we publish, then all rights revert to the writer to publish further after two weeks.
  • Image files included must be 500 width, at 72 dpi and include all copyright information.
  • All topics must be submitted to Jude Harlan and pre-approved.

To Submit Your Article Query:

Submit your article query to

After Submitting Your Article:

We will request your bio-blurb to appear at the end of the story (See samples on the site), links, and headshot.

Be ready to share your blog link with your own followers and readers. You must share at least once on the publication date to an email list or social media site.


A handy way to contact me is via our contact page. Thank you for your interest!