“And How are You?” – a Standard Question. But Wait. What would happen if we changed our answer?

It was one of those ‘meh’ days. You know the kind, when you’re just not feeling the sparkle. I couldn’t say there as anything wrong that day. Oh, the sky was overcast, I spent the morning doing the dreaded monthly bookkeeping, and it seemed like every driver on the road — other than myself — was either driving recklessly or creeping along and slowing me down. That kind of day. Like I said: ‘meh’.

I pulled into the Starbucks drive-through to grab a caffeine pick-me-up. A young barista poked her head out the window. She was blonde, with braids and a Heidi-all-grown-up look about her, plus a sunny personality. “How are you today?” She asked. This is standard Starbucks window interchange so I gave her the standard response: “Fine and how about you?”

“Living’ the dream!” She said and it sounded like she meant it.

“Living the dream.”

So I had to smile, my own ‘meh’ mood had to lighten up. And I drove away thinking, now how long has it been since I used one of those wonderful fun phrases? Since I last responded to “How’s it going?” with’ “Another day in paradise,” which used to be a favorite. Or even, “Havin’ a great day.”

I love it when people respond with Awesome, Super, Terrific, Fabulous, and synonyms to any and all such superlatives.

I love these moments of brightness and yet I’ve allowed them to slip away.

Time to bring them back.

Do you have a personal favorite response to “How are you?” Which ones give you a personal boost?

Jude (Judith) Harlan

Jude Harlan

Jude Harlan, founder of Me-At Last, Women On Purpose, is a publisher, editor and journalist.  She pursues her passion here at Me-AtLast.com, empowering women in our search for inner strength, purpose and the power to be ourselves – to take our turn at the helm of our lives. Find out more about her on our About page.

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