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“In my experience, the choice to keep going is all you can do. It is the thing that separates people that change the world from those who make excuses for the status quo.”— Gina Bianchini

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Big change begins at the heart. With explorations into consciousness, awakening, yoga and universal questions that come from the heart. Know yourself. This is your time.

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How did we get here? What’s next? And how to put this surging power to work? Every one of us has a purpose and a need to discover it. We share here how we do that — find it. Know it.

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You’ve reached a woman’s most powerful age. So, what’s next for you? Your purpose? Direction? What are you going to do to become a Woman on Purpose – in Action? Here are some ideas…

When We Create Our Own Ageism

When We Create Our Own Ageism

I went to lift my bike down from its hook the other day and I heard myself tell myself, "Oh, I must get some help with that." I've been lifting my bikes up and down from hooks my entire life, so I wondered where this new thought came from. I wasn't really concerned,...

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The Woman in the Wing by jean Sheldon

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