Coming Up: Our Year of Resolve

I woke up thinking of the word “assailed” as in, “I’ve been feeling assailed on all sides this past year and I have not liked it.”  I realize that I’m not alone in this, as many women I’ve talked to over the last several months have felt the same. We’ve been feeling beset by powers beyond our control as never before for many of us.

We are done with this and ready for change.

We’ve awoken to news of nuclear threats by a foreign power, to news of anti-environmental groups gaining power over our lands, alongside hate groups, from racist to homophobe to anti-everyone-but-me-ist. I’ve heard hateful comments over this past year from the highest reaches of government, something I never thought I’d hear.

No wonder we’re ready to make changes.

We have been assailed with political threats to family health finances, to the retirement insurance we paid into all of our lives, and to women’s liberties. We’re all familiar with these threats, as we’ve been hearing them all year, so I won’t drag us all down that caustic memory lane again; though, once on that lane, I admit that it is difficult to move off of it. Nevertheless:

I’m turning my attention to solutions.

As I look to the coming year, I seek solutions. I see a powerful beginning in the #metoo movement. I hear women’s voices and they are loud enough and en masse enough to be heard by others; in fact, we are being heard around the world.  We are speaking up for each other by the thousands, even millions, and we are bringing down the ‘boys will be boys’ excuse, along with the ‘locker room banter’ excuse. We are inspiring each other to speak up and out.

I also note the power of women politicians taking the lead as well as women in entertainment, non-profits and across social media.  And not incidentally, we saw the power of the African American women’s vote in Alabama’s senate election. We are demanding change to a system that has ignored women’s voices, and now we have seen what happens when women stand together. (See an inspiring article on 2017’s strong women standing together in Jean Sheldon’s post, Feminism 2017’s Top Word. Who Cares? )

These women all seek solutions. So do I.

For me, solutions begin with the personal

They begin with changes we make inside ourseves, the strength of our inner power a big factor in our interactions and the ripples that emanate from us out into the world. And this power grows as we take our turn in life and nurture ourselves — and find the courage to add our voices to public forums.

In this upcoming year Me–At Last! writers will be sharing solutions they find, such as ways to encourage our inner power to grow, our outer actions to reflect that, and I’ll be sending these out across Twitter, Facebook and here on the website. I invite you to jump in and do this with me! Let’s share our stories of how we make life deeply abundant for ourselves and others, and let’s make our voices loud and supportive of one another.

Let’s find that core strength inside each of us and ignite it!

We’ve each found more resolve this past year than we knew we would ever need. And now, let’s put that resolve to finding solutions. Some of our solutions may be just knowing what we want to do and then doing it. Let’s seek this out together, share those methods to finding purpose, direction, and to taking action. Let’s move our united resolve from the path of simply reacting to events around us and toward one of creating our own solutions.

This is what I’ve learned from the women’s march, from #metoo and from the women who have risked all to challenge politicians, CEOs and powerful men in public:

  • Listening to each other counts.
  • Supporting each other counts.
  • Sharing our stories counts.

That is what we do here – Listen. Support. Share.

Maybe that’s step one on the road to solutions.

Jude Harlan

Jude Harlan

Jude Harlan, founder of Me-At Last, Women On Purpose, is a publisher, editor and journalist.  She pursues her passion here at, empowering women in our search for inner strength, purpose and the power to be ourselves – to take our turn at the helm of our lives. Find out more about her on our About page.