Take Action.

Now is the time – YOUR time! – to take action, to exert the power of your years and experience!

Be a Woman Acting On Purpose

Go Big & Be You

She confesses to me during our coaching call, “I just…I just can’t live here anymore. This place is too small for me.”  My client was living in a town that was just shy of 400 people, but her heart was longing for a space that was bigger in order for her to live the...

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Walking for Happiness

"We're walking. We're walking." We were walking through the Coliseum in Rome, Italy and a tour guide passed us, hand held high in the air, her tour peeps somewhere behind her, some slowing to gaze about them, some dawdling, some fully stopping to shoot photos. "We're...

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Make a difference! Jane Fonda urges us to be women of action.

Persistent by Jean Sheldon