Defy Ageism

Now is not the time to rest. Now is the time to take action, exert the power of your elder years.
Put these years to purpose.

Be a Woman On Purpose

Make a difference! Jane Fonda urges us to be women of action.

Retiring? Nope. “Re-Tiring”!

A Bright New World Awaits Boomers Ready to "Re-Tire" This June I will be retiring from education. After 22 years of teaching, one-and-one-half years of training tutors, and four-plus years as a vice principal, I will be finished with that chapter. As I think of what...

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Eight Keys to Your Happiness Now

Curiosity, Wonder, and Delight Fuel Joy for Women On Purpose Happiness, that core joy that powers all the other forces in our lives, is achievable, says positive psychology coach Lisa Cypers Kamen, author of Are We Happy Yet? Eight Keys to Unlocking a Joyful Life....

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Stay Mad, but Stay Sane

Expert Tips: Find Balance AND Maintain Your Activist Passion We're women over 50, we've stepped back into activism after a long stretch of complacency, but now — how to maintain some sense of balance in our lives and also keep that flame of passionate activism...

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